CADS 2018 Pricing, Accounts & Fee Structures

*Prices & Fee Structures are subject to change. T&C's apply.


Registration Fee 
$22 New Students

A one off registration fee is charged to each student enrolling at CADS including term students, casual students and private tuition students. These fees go towards administration costs, school insurance & maintenance. Registration fees are charged once per student per year.


All prices are GST Inclusive.


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Mummy & Daddy & Me Dancers - 30mins $10 per class

Mini Dancers - 45min Classes $12.00 per class
Petite Dancers - 45mins Mixed Dance Styles $14.00 per class
Junior/Intermediate Dancers - 30min Classes $12.00 per class
Junior/IntermediateDancers - 45min/1hr Classes $14.00 per class
Pre-Senior/Senior/Open/Adult Dancers - 45min/1hr Classes $16.00 per class

All classes for school students will be offered on a term basis only. 


Junior/Intermediate Dancers 
- Passion to Dance Package: 3x Classes Per Week: $28 per week
- Addicted to Dance Package: 5x Classes Per Week: $35 per week
- Ultimate Dancers Package: All Intermediate Classes: $52 per week

Pre-Senior/Senior/Open/Adult Dancers
- Passion to Dance Package: 3x Classes Per Week: $38 per week
- Addicted to Dance Package: 5x Classes Per Week: $45 per week
- Ultimate Dancers Package: All Pre-Senior Classes: $62 per week

Please note if you child does a mix of 30min, 45min and 1 hour length classes, each one regardless of time is counted as 1 class.

*Packages do not include Lyra, Extension or Invite only classes.
* Classes are based on numbers not length of time. Therefore if you choose 1x 30min class and 2x 45min 
classes this is still classified as 3 classes.


The purpose of Solos, Duos or Trios is to develop choreography for routines. Private Lessons are specifically for enhancing technique, revision of class work and cleaning routines. Therefore, these sessions must be booked separately. 

Students are charged a once off fee for their routine regardless of the number of lessons needed.
- Solos $230.00
- Duos $280.00
- Trios $330.00

Choreographical lessons can be booked through the office or via phone or email. It is up to the teacher’s discretion as to how many lessons are required teach the choreography and complete the routine. 

Once a routine is complete and the student understands and can execute the moves correctly it is then up to the student to maintain
 their routine. 

Leading up to a performance if a cleaning or revision lesson is needed an additional private lesson should be booked with the choreographer of the routine through the CADS office. This additional lesson will be charged at a private lesson rate. 

If students maintain their routines well additional lessons may not be necessary. CADS will always check the quality of a routine before sending a student to a competition to assure they are prepared to the highest standards.

Aerial Lyra

1hr Group Classes $24 
30min Private Lessons $40 
1hr Private Lessons $70 .

Private Lessons

Any student can book in a private lesson with any teacher for technique, revision of class work or cleaning and revision of routines but it must be done through the CADS office or via phone or email. The charges for private lessons are:

- 30mins - $40 

- 1hr - $70


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We accept the following payment methods:

  • Cash

  • Credit Card

  • Online Payments

  • Online Auto - Pay


  • Accounts will be charged the amount of 5.00% 7 days after the due date of an outstanding account. If left unpaid, another fee amount of 5.00% is charged every 7 days afterwards.